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Welcome to AskHistorians

AskHistorians is a carefully moderated public history forum where the public asks questions, and where historians provide answers. Situated on the popular social media site Reddit, and bringing in over 1,500,000 monthly visitors from around the world, AskHistorians may be the largest public history forum on the internet. Its hundreds of historian panelists have a range of qualifications and topic areas - their real qualification on the subreddit being the ability to provide in-depth and comprehensive answers, and topic areas ranging from Ancient Greece to Zimbabwe - and its moderators provide a heavily moderated space which provides a pleasant, civil space for public history interactions.

How to Get Involved!

The AskHistorians community includes hundreds of historians from around the world on our panel. Membership is granted to community members who, through their involvement, have demonstrated both expertise in their field as well as a pattern of committed involvement in the AskHistorians community. While we welcome scholars of all stripes to become involved on a regular basis, we also have several opportunities we make available to visiting scholars as short, one time commitments.

Doing History on AskHistorians

Hundreds of contributors participate on AskHistorians daily, either by asking questions which have piqued their curiosity, or by helping to satisfy it by providing answers. We would love to see you become one of those contributors too! But as with any online community, there can be a learning curve. If you are unfamiliar with our host site Reddit, or else have never visited AskHistorians, the best place to start is our 'How To Guide' which will help to introduce you to the site, its rules, and its culture.

'Ask Me Anything': The Live, Online Q&A

Our live, online Q&A sessions, known on the site as an 'Ask Me Anything' or 'AMA', allow scholars to interact with readers of AskHistorians to discuss their field, their body of work, or their upcoming projects. They provide a great opportunity to engage with the public and to reach a wider audience. 'AMAs' are conducted through text on the forum, with users posing questions in real time, and the visiting scholar answering as they come in. 'AMAs' can have anywhere from a dozen to several hundred questions, and often bring in tens of thousands of readers. For more information, check out the AMA Page.

The AskHistorians Podcast

The AskHistorians Podcast provides a more traditional opportunity for public outreach, generally taking the form of an interview with one of our hosts. We welcome published academics, independent researchers, and unique historical perspectives to join us for a 60-90 minute in-depth conversation about a topic of their research or a recent publication. With 20-30,000 average listeners per episode, it provides a unique platform to reach a new audience. For more information, check out the Podcast page.