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What Is AskHistorians?

AskHistorians is a public history platform intended to provide a space for the intersection of the historical community and its practitioners with the general public and their questions about the past. Our aim is not to create a site for general discussion, or unrestricted participation, but rather to provide a curated experience that is intended to cultivate serious, academic-level answers to questions about history. The following rules are written to support this aim and maintain the high standard of discussion this subreddit has become known for - comments which are not in compliance are removed.

In addition to the specific maintenance of the subreddit, the AskHistorians moderation team considers our mission to include general advocacy and support for improved historical literacy, the discipline of public history, and the continued health of the humanities in the public sphere. While we are an apolitical organization, this does nevertheless include, but is not limited to, participation in academic conferences and editorial advocacy for issues that directly impact the historical community.